Chickasaw Bluff Visions

by Burnt Paw

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'Chickasaw Bluff Visions'- Liner Notes


'Chickasaw Bluff Visions' is an instrumental guitar album written in Memphis, Tennessee between 2014 and 2015. It took shape as I walked from Beale Street down to the banks of the Mississippi, overhearing stories, eating paper bags full of warm peanuts, drifting between streets, lost in rivers of music, inspiration, histories, struggles. I would like to dedicate this to the following:

Cole, my friend around Beale, for surviving the pressure
and being its witness

Marvin, for all your great friendship and many conversations at the side of the road, thanks for buying me a new hat, sorry I nearly caused a bomb scare, keep looking for U.F.O.s, make it to the sunrise

James who works in a cafe on Front but who built the sky

Moustafa the wise man, father, tailor, traveller, who sells the charms, seeing what others do not always see, hearing what others do not always hear

Miles the very famous dog

to the wonderful soul Laurie who drives up and down Poplar Av. Route 50 and without whom many wounded spirits would be lost, blessed be Mata drivers who shepard us to safety

to the most magnficent Sam, blues musican from a town called Alligator, for telling me one hot afternoon the story of how he learned to play guitar in the cotton fields

to Lester who doesnt talk much but keeps walking his own path through his own world

to the Newspaper man for saying hello

to Alcenia's for the hug and the delicious food

to Andrew for butternut squash pasta heavy metal raps

to Aaron and Nancy for not minding us walk past

to Ann and Gracie for their gleeful morning walks

to Nigel for that bar room gig when the man on stage
got up and found something

to Mike for the journey into the vortex

to David E for teaching me more about the vortex

to the Peanut Shop, where would Memphis be without you?

especially to Cory, friend, comrade, survivor, artist, inspirational spirit who doesnt get enough sleep, but who will succeed in the end

to Bill and Renee for all your love and friendship

to Walter E and Linda in Savannah for the punk rock pound cake and visionary art

to Richard L for sharing belief and humanity and opening many doors

to Ernestine with many many special thanks, for the mighty river of knowledge and for the keeping stories alive

to Dana and Bill for all the joyous kindness and very sepcial companionship and support during our stay

to all the hobo's, travellers, workers, street kids, fighters, healers and loafers, whenever our paths have crossed

and to you Celeste, always up 5 hours before me and still underlining Frederick Douglass long after I've fallen asleep, thanks for all the adventures Peaches

to Memphis itself, for the real story of the city belongs to its people


Films: all films accompanying this instrumental music were made on my sellotaped cam-corder with a shaky hand and a curious eye.
They are a subjective collage of found ephemeral images, recycled, washed up, stereotypical or otherwise, plucked from the river, the side of the road, washed up on the cobblestones.


Finally, please just enjoy this album for free and don't pay anything.
But if you do want to donate something, please make it very small, and thank you very very much. All proceeds in the hat will be going straight to recording costs of 'Diaries For The Drifter', a further collection of songs inspired by life-stories caught between the cotton mills of England and the cotton fields of the Delta.


on all the walls that cant be climbed
paint an imaginary door



released March 21, 2015

Burnt Paw/Andy Green



all rights reserved


Burnt Paw Nottingham, UK

'Burnt Paw'.

Alt folk,
Open Tunings,
& Oral Histories.

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