Jackpot Of Crumbs

by Burnt Paw

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Burnt Paw would like to dedicate this album
to all his friends living near the roar of the coin-star waterfall:
'like the sparrows spread their wings, hit the jackpot of crumbs'



released October 14, 2016

Album recorded live one afternoon
@ Sonic Temple with Electric Dragon of Venus.



all rights reserved


Burnt Paw Nottingham, UK

'Burnt Paw'.

Alt folk,
Open Tunings,
& Oral Histories.

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Track Name: Motorcycle Boots
what happens to the leather jackets?
what happens to the violins?
the ideas in our heads?

motorcycle boots

school fields
half built retail parks
paths to the miners monument

its a demotion derby racetrack
clouds reversing
into cloud shadows

what happens to the leather jackets?
what happens to the violins?

I’ve got an idea in my head

motorcycle boots
Track Name: Lucozade
note to myself I'll learn to let go contemplate
the gum on my shoe
my best foot backwards
out of tune

here comes the truck
full load of leaves
it empties them over my feet
past lives spilling away down the street
let them go

I heard it’s good down by the recycle depot
used microwave gloves
pile of rejected band demo
filing cabinet of unread C.V
empty bottles of Lucozade

hunter moon
city clock
ashtray crowns
dazzled womb
a scratch of light

break through the paper skin
"write down words
if only to cross them out again"

if every page of every diary must burn
lets see what i find
if open up my lungs
a tangled wreckage
of flowers and blood

leave no shoe for the archivist to trace
Track Name: Jackpot
The sparrows spread their wings
hit the jackpot of crumbs

"when you need it its gone
when you don't there’s a lot of it around
well they say it's for our own good
but just I feel like a walking ruin

I might not know right from wrong
but I know how I feel about you"

"all the hostels were full
camper beds along the wall
don't let the kids see me like this
my face has seen better days
better days that didn't come"

like the sparrow’s spread their wings
hit the jackpot of crumbs
I might not know right from wrong
but I know how I feel about you

if the better days dont come
maybe we're better off without them

"I know how I feel about you"
Track Name: Wild Gardens
my neighbour
is a hard working man
my neighbour
he's a hard working man

"with the night shift
at Boots
there's no time for anything"

wild gardens are taking hold

while he’s out working
along comes smoky the cat
along comes smoky the cat

my mother feeds him chicken
but he will not stay for long
he knows our days of prowling
are numbered
each and every one

wild gardens are where he roams

so I’ll never be
a hard working man
no I’ll never be
a hard working man

with the wind in the tall green grass
there's no time for anything

wild gardens
taking hold
they're all I know
Track Name: Silent Land
I was seventeen against the wall
we went driving in my best friends car
it was late at night but we didn’t care
took the back road increased our speed
one hundred miles an hour
I felt my body glide into darkness
around us howling shadows of the silent lands

when I met you I felt sick
I could not breathe I was undone
my nerve endings burned with the knowledge
you said "let's break the circle"
we can outrun the silent lands

above steep rows of coal dust houses
grew a slag heap that threw its weight on our laughter
each spring the miners climbed its back
they raised their cross
now their gods lie discarded pulled from their sockets
and the whole place was flattened
surrounded by fences
around us the howling shadows of silent land

be careful what you wish for in this world
history will find you
history will bind you
re-arrange you

you became your own legend
escaping the demons raging in the mirror
as you pulled down the curtain
music lit up the whole room
you said "lets break the circle"
I know a way

around us the kingdom
Track Name: The Silver Tower
Past the second hand mattress store
go out on the midnight parole
leave your mask on the wall
the car phone warehouse
it means nothing at all
in your hand you hold the key
in your hand you hold the silver key
beyond the petrol station
it is rumoured to exist
ask the night attendant
all feathers and no lips
in her arms she holds the crown
on her brow the hangman upside down
should I go back to my home?
the bingo hall cries out in its sleep
signs advertising toddlers kick boxing for free
there’s a doorway to a pool-hall
where every kind of god
was abandoned on the turn of a one sided coin
where are you headed
you weary headed soldiers?
they stare at me with no eyes and moan
"we can never return to our homes
for we hold the silver key
and we seek and we seek the silver tower"