The Owl With Two Faces

by Burnt Paw

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Little caterpillar where do you go? off to Scotland on your own your bicycle with blackberry wheels arise and sing wild children o sleepy blackbird what did you see? a golden harp in the hazel tree there is a widow who lives down the lane arise and sing wild children I will be a stream or a witch or a circle make my drawings from orange peel never be afraid to pull back the curtain arise and sing wild children the wedding guests are drifting out to sea the windmill of images is on fire the lovers are dancing in a crown of stars and a woodlice robe arise and sing wild children
There is a lake maybe you have seen it from the tower of your dreams child of the thunder child of the snow child who lived among the horses it is time for us to go it does not hold a shield or a sword it does not hold a flower or a clock we can go there any moment from the tower of our dreams
Behold the tower! said the old woman dressed in rags holding a dead bird key behold the tower! the crowd gathered round her they stared at the hilltop they saw no tower a young soldier came forward and said 'that is no key- that is a dead bird you have found in the hedgerow' and the old woman cried the crowd drifted away laughing, laughing years went quick and slow and the tower shone on the hilltop
Nine sisters rode upon nine golden horses out of the sunrise over the meadow they did ride between the veil of life and death nine sisters rode away into the sunset on nine blood red horses and the water rose up covered the land
I saw the blue deer leap into the sky I heard the craw with a red laugh building its kirk I spoke with the toad who was King of the mossy bank inside his mouth was the door to the golden mountain I lay with the gorse Queen underneath the yellow flood she had the green snake wrapped around her wrist the skull of the thrush wears the daffodil on its silence at the top of the hill is where the whalebones cross the entrance the bees begin to dance and the fox prince beats his drum I emerge from the mouth of the toad sorrow is washed from the land a larks wing is lifting the sun to kiss the towers of blood I saw the blue deer leap into the sky
Dressed in our leaves and rags tired from the long road we found an earthly paradise we arrived only just in time diamond meadows sang time was not like time at all swallows flickered into thunderstorms when we found the earthly paradise what is this, what is this, the serpent said? I have another plan prepared for you come deeper into the woods I’ll show you another view and the man in the deerskin mask he pushed my head into a trance we flew through many a turning wheel there was so much I didnt know dressed in our skin and bone tired from the long fight we found an earthly paradise we escaped only just in time
What does it mean what does it mean what does it mean to be free? I go to the woods and I ask the trees I go to the woods and I ask the trees do you mind if I take off my clothes? and they say not at all not at all not at all
There is a horse without any shadow racing towards the rocks where you sleep and the boat that is waiting has already gone you must decide now what's to be done you enter the cave that belongs to the owl under its wing there are seven mountains seven doors seven dragons seven cures in the spirit forest the candle is your lover in the aim of midnight when the wolf with green eyes requests to draw near you in all your naked self in the spirit forest all the mysteries of blood all the burden of language even so even so we are combing our hair with a comb made of lightning iin the spirit forest
I saw a child run down the beach chasing a rainbow serpent as the sun beat salt water and the mountains caught fire a hymn to the Goddess I dug a hole in my garden I found the skull of a fox perhaps it got lost back in the ice age a hymn to the Goddess so if you run out of land why let it stop you ride your horses straight into the ocean without fear without reason hymns to the Goddess
Do you know your magick name? do you know your magick name? I smoked the pipe of reason and it gave me a very bad cough! I open the window the golden window of my idleness in flies the owl in flies the owl the owl with seven wings and two faces do you know your magick name? do you know your magick name?


'The Owl With Two Faces' by Burnt Paw

This album was written for you, spirit friends, continuing the quest, stranded in the middle of a busy street, wandering the forest of fiery symbols. What did you leave behind you? Which path will you take? The undergrowth is getting thicker and more tangled. This is no time to abandon your journey & return to stone. Tonight the moon will be full. Arise & sing, wild children!


Analogue recorded at Anvil Recording Studios, Ratho, Scotland. Many thanks to Terry for the patience, skill and commitment in helping me to make these visions as strange and beautiful as possible.


Dedicated with deepest love and appreciation to all my friends, and everyone who has been supporting Paw on this unfinished journey. There are no 'solo' artists. I could not do this without you.


Moon blessings from Paw!



released January 10, 2020

All music and lyrics by Burnt Paw

Guitar, vocals, unicorn autoharp, seashells, sticks, stones: Paw
Additional mystic chimes & rattles: Terry Stevens


all rights reserved


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